Case Studies

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Boiler damage caused by scaling / CaCO3

There is great risk of scaling due to the presence of calcium and magnesium salts in systems filled up with city water. If treatment is applied with for example a polymer the risk of scaling increases rapidly when new water is added en the additive is lowered, also often in the USA and Canada a combination of Molybdate and tolyltriazole is applied which doens't prevent scaling of CaCO3.. Scaling causes progressive lowering of the boiler efficiency by heat retardation, acting as an insulator. Eventually, scale built-up will cause the tube to overheat and rupture. Read more.


Boiler pollution
Passivating Iron

Read more about how we converted hematite (Fe2O3) into magnetite (Fe304) by applying a specific oxygen scavenger

Oil in water

Occasionally oil coolers of COGEN plants will show leaks which allows oil to mix with cooling water. If left untreated this can result in devestating consequences for the system. 

Also other causes like floating oil layers on buffer tanks can cause a spread of oil when for example the water level drops to the ground or the oil is deteriorating

Read more.

Black water

Frequently, cooling water in heating systems is colored black. Read more about the cause and cure for this. 


Contaminated coolers

Restoring the efficiency of coolers using a pH neutral product to slowly remove deposits (de-scaling) in the system. Read more




Amphoteric materials

Read more about amphoteric materials like aluminum and galvanized steel that can cause problems !

Yellow water

There are several causes for yellow colored water, read more about it here